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Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Latest: 13 Jun 2018
Started by Andy,
26 Oct 2017
Our first introductions thread has become a little unwieldy at 21 pages, so here's a new one! Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about. To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. I deal with advertising, design, forum moderation, editing and more. Happy to talk about anyt

Marketing Channel - YouTube

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Started by sakura_lara,
31 May 2018
Hi Guys, One of the marketing channel I would love to explore more is the YouTube. Anyone here has some thought, ideas, or tools that you're currently using as your major exposure on YouTube? what are the ways to promote your products or services? I know, its should be test A & B so on.. But, I would just like to deep enhance more.. Any feedback would very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Looking for a inventory and shipping software management

Replies: 3
Latest: 10 Feb 2016
Started by kwunhanghk,
19 Aug 2015
I am currently looking for a inventory and shipping software for management. wants it support bar-code, excel or CVS for import and export, muti channal, live inventory, FedEx and USPS. Any suggestions? Plx Help

A10 Alogrithm

Replies: 3
Latest: 16 Jun 2018
Bill Zahoor
Started by Bill Zahoor,
13 Jun 2018
Are you using A10 techniques to update your Amazon SEO?

new to dropship

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Started by cgian,
15 Jun 2018
hi guys, I wanna start dropshipping with my friends on ebay, I see that there are some differences in dropshipping on sites already exposed like ebay or amazon and making my own store, the first have no cost for advertising and building (the store itself), just the reviews that we already have. On the other hand having an online store and advertising it can make it more know by people and more people would buy it, instead on ebay/amazon I should be lucky that someone sees my products, I can't

Which Ebay Listing tool/inventory tool works best for me?

Replies: 1
Latest: 15 Jun 2018
Started by trhcsocial,
12 Jun 2018
Which Ebay Listing tool/inventory software management tool works best for me? I am having so much trouble searching for the right tool, because all of them are different, :( I could use some proffessional advice! Listing Tool Requirements 1. sort completed listings into different folders 2. preview the listing before publishing 3. preview it whenever I chose (To post it on different market places later) 4. unlimited photo/listing storage 5. “Create similar listing” function 6. Custom li

Has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor?

Replies: 3
Latest: 13 Jun 2018
Started by terriannbiagi,
7 Jan 2018
Hi, y'all! I hope the holiday season was good to you! Out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor? If so...any thoughts, experiences, or feedback would very much be appreciated! Thank you in advance, TA Biagi

Best Way to Get Started In Ecommerce for Beginners

Replies: 6
Latest: 13 Jun 2018
Started by organicacai,
22 May 2018
What is the best way for a beginner to get started with ecommerce? I have tried retail arbitrate but it is very time consuming and it's really a hit or miss that you have very little control over. I have began attending ecommerce Meetup groups to network with people. I noticed I have a tendency to read any information I can find online and often end up getting too overwhelmed with information overload to take any action. The worst part is that because the ecommerce world is ever changing, the in

Seeking online web store sellers to partner with as supplier

Replies: 1
Latest: 4 Jun 2018
Started by westphalia1,
2 Jun 2018
I do not have a website but have a dropship/wholesale account with a large well known online medical supplies and equipment company. I am looking to be a supplier to someone who has an established retail presence on the web

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Online Seller Interview - $75 Amazon Gift Card

Replies: 1
Latest: 15 Jun 2018
Started by volkman,
12 Jun 2018
I am setting up interviews with sellers who sell on marketplaces like eBay. Depending on your answers, I will schedule a brief phone call to ask you a few questions about your experience selling online. If you agree to participate, I’ll give you a $75 Amazon gift card. The conversation will take no longer than 30 minutes at a time convenient for you. Please complete this short questionnaire:

Are you a shopper or retail professional?

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Started by bc1997,
11 Jun 2018
CALLING ALL SHOPPERS AND RETAIL PROFESSIONALS!!! Interested in winning a $50 Amazon gift card? Got an extra 15 minutes to spare? Complete this short survey for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card

7 Reasons to Use 3Dsellers for Your eBay Business

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Started by 3DSellers,
10 Jun 2018 Over 200,000 eBay sellers are using 3Dsellers to enhance their eBay business because it combines the most vital tools under one dashboard, taking care of your design, communication and marketing needs. As a solution-based platform, 3Dsellers equips eBay sellers with efficient opportunities to

18th June Cardiff Online Seller Meetup

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Online Seller UK
Started by Online Seller UK,
1 Jun 2018
Cardiff Online Seller Meetup is free for online sellers and retailers. This insightful evening brings an excellent opportunity to network with other online sellers and meet industry experts in a comfortable setting. We will discuss several live wire eCommerce topics along with these expert talks: #1 Amazon SEO – How to get to the top of the Search? Speaker: Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK #2 5 ways to Find Suppliers to Sell your Product on eBay and Amazon Speaker:Huw Johnstone, GHL So

Which tools does Amazon sellers use to boost sales?

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Started by SellerSpirit,
31 May 2018
There are many tools which do increase your sales on amazon. Recommend you an Amazon seller software—— SellerSpirit A software for Amazon sellers that helps you automate your Amazon market research and track your as wells as competitors’ listings to gather vital data and serves your business intelligence requirements. No Credit Card Required,No Amazon MWS Required There are more than 9 tools in SellerSpirit, you can try for free. Keyword Research to

Manchester Online Seller Meetup 28th June

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Online Seller UK
Started by Online Seller UK,
26 May 2018
Manchester Online Seller Meetup is back with new topics to help you sell better on Amazon and eBay. Our events are perfect for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of starting to sell online, you will learn proven strategies and tactics quicker through our events. So, don’t miss this opportunity! Our topics for the evening are: #1 Amazon SEO – Q & A Speaker: Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK #2 Automated price tracking and repricing.

Momentum™ - Amazon Suspension Insurance

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NAS Momentum
Started by NAS Momentum,
23 May 2018
An account suspension is frustrating, time consuming, and bad for business. That’s why we created Momentum™, a new kind of insurance for online sellers. We’ll help ease the financial burden of an account suspension so you can get back to business. Momentum™ covers: Financial loss sustained during a suspension (limits up to $1,000,000) Costs to hire a reinstatement specialist to appeal a suspension (limits up to $25,000) Costs to hire a tax practitio

Exporting aftermarket automotive products

Replies: 2
Latest: 23 May 2018
Started by Neilfpds,
12 Apr 2018
Hi All, I’m a Uk based supplier for car parts into aftermarket Uk. I’m looking for contacts around world who would be interested to purchase car parts that have come to the end of there shelf life within the UK market but still have requirements around the world or can be adapted to suit other vehicles. All the products are brand new in the original packaging and are sold in job lots at less than half of the cost to purchase. (a bargain) all brands are known throughout the world i.e LUK, Dens

Shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia

Replies: 1
Latest: 23 May 2018
Started by stueyd6,
13 May 2018
Hi All, As some of you would already know, Amazon has recently opened it's first FBA warehouse in Australia. The response has been amazing so it's time for you to take advantage of the early sign up discounts and get your products listed. If you are looking for a local warehouse in Melbourne to accept your international shipment, prepare to Amazon FBA requirements and ship to the DC - you should try this company.... They are a very professional and easy to deal w

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