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Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Latest: 11 Oct 2019
Started by Andy,
26 Oct 2017
Our first introductions thread has become a little unwieldy at 21 pages, so here's a new one! Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about. To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. I deal with advertising, design, forum moderation, editing and more. Happy to talk about anyt

Ebay Global Postal System

Replies: 1
Latest: 11 Jun 2019
Started by SCENESEBAY,
3 Apr 2019
}:(have just signed out of ebays Global Postal System 1 had a problem last year with a sale which ended up losing my rankings,(stopped GSP then, but seemed to be persueded to rejoin 2 major problem with multiple item postage Ebays GSP parcel to the USA £46.65, my sending £9.65, need I say more 3 Have sold items to buyer in French Polynesia, with Ebays GSP they won't send. So if buyers from abroad could find my items befofore I joined Ebays GSP, there claim you would get more viewers is a l

Looking for a inventory and shipping software management

Replies: 3
Latest: 10 Feb 2016
Started by kwunhanghk,
19 Aug 2015
I am currently looking for a inventory and shipping software for management. wants it support bar-code, excel or CVS for import and export, muti channal, live inventory, FedEx and USPS. Any suggestions? Plx Help

I have a job lot to sell, where can I find resellers?

Replies: 2
Latest: 8 Oct 2019
Jen Handbags
Started by Jen Handbags,
16 Sep 2019
Hi all, I recently closed my handbag brand and have two pallets of high quality stock (handbags, purses, scarves) in new condition to clear out. Where can I list them to resellers? I've put them on eBay here but don't know how to spread the word to the people that would benefit. Any help much appreciated =)

tracking new offers with keepa

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Started by drhawkinss22,
3 Oct 2019
Hello everyone! I am a new Amazon seller and am wondering what information i can get out of the "new offer count" on Keepa? I often find listings with no bsr graph and low reviews but the new offer graph is bouncing around like crazy! Is there anything to take from this? Or should i disregard that? I notice it often jumps many sellers at a time, so maybe there are softwares at play, but would this also explain the drops or can that be attributed to sell outs?? Would love any wisdom offered o

I Buy Your Amazon FBA Business

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Started by PrivateEquity,
3 Oct 2019
Hi, ? I’m looking to buy 3 Amazon FBA based businesses ranging from 10k to 400k EBITDA for a private portfolio. USA-based preferred. ? Proof of fund available. Must be aged for at least 6 months. Please, PM me if you’re looking for an exit. ? It must be a private opportunity and not listed in any public marketplaces.  ? PS: Not sure at all if I'm in the right section, feel free to move my post! Thanks!

Finding an Amazon seller

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Started by TheDealChest,
2 Oct 2019
I have a unique item that I am selling on eBay. Selling quite steady with quite a large profit margin. Where / how do I find an Amazon seller to list these? I get yelled at, banned, and labeled a spammer on most forums that I post on regarding this. I simply have a unique item that only I offer. It sells great on eBay. I'd like to get it listed on Amazon. I've signed up to sell myself on Amazon. They asked for a utility bill and business license. Emailed them. They charged my cc $39 an

Import to UK from USA and sell on Amazon

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Started by tpakhar,
27 Sep 2019
There are goods for sale which were imported into the United States as for a private person (not for a company). They need to be exported to the UK (or Europe) also for further sale. As far as I know, you can sell on Amazon UK only from a legal entity (is that so?). how can this be done? Is it possible to make an agreement between an individual in USA and a legal entity (for example, offshore Ireland) on the sale of goods in order to sell them later on Amazon UK? or is there some other o


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Started by rumsontrader,
20 Sep 2019
Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if it is customary to ask a Chinese supplier to embroider a logo an a sample? Thanks, Have a Great Day! Jim

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Multilingual Customer Service

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Started by chris-Clarity,
Today at 9:13am
I am interested to know how cross-border marketplace sellers manage their customer service? Clarity E-Commerce Translation's Multilingual Customer Service solution allows e-commerce experts to look after your overseas customers. Your customers get fast, personalised responses to their queries. All customers are answered by a qualified customer service advisor in their own native language. Our Multilingual Customer Service package is priced based on the number of tickets we handle, meani

Dedicated Fulfillment warehouse is seeking customers.

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Started by boexpress2017,
11 Oct 2019
My name is Bo. I run a warehouse specialized in fulfillment. Our rate is as low as $1 per product fulfilled. Our warehouse is located at one of the tax-free state Nashua, NH. Sellers can benefit from it if they buy discounted products online and send to us directly. The service we provide: FBA, we will prepare your products, label them and pack them for you. Packing pictures and SN will be recorded for you. FBM. We will send your product directly to the customer at a discounted rate w

Verico European VAT Registration

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Verico European VAT Services
Started by Verico European VAT Services,
10 Oct 2019
Hello, Verico European VAT Services Limited are a professional accountancy based in the North East of England. Verico specialise in registering businesses for VAT in multiple European Countries and help them meet their VAT obligations in each territory. Primarily focusing on marketplace sellers we Provide VAT registration and Returns for ALL of the Pan European Countries, German, UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. To get started contact us via and s

Alpha Repricer, for Amazon sellers unveils Buy Box Hunter

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Started by AlphaRepricer,
7 Oct 2019
Announcing Major Updates! Buy Box Hunter, the Cutting-edge Buy Box winning technology Introducing our very own innovative, algorithmic technology for winning the Buy Box. Its total focus is to win and keep the Buy Box. And the results are awesome! Win Buy Boxes more frequently Keep the Buy Box longer Achieve the highest price possible No additional fee. The Buy Box Hunter is included in your monthly subscription. Simple to use

Monthly Roundup - News For Amazon Sellers - September 2019

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Started by,
3 Oct 2019
Hi everyone! We're happy to announce that another issue of FBA Monthly is out. It's a curated newsletter with the most crucial news in Amazon Seller space and this time our biggest news are the following: - Beyond Amazon: Three marketplaces to watch. - The Most Profitable Product Categories on Amazon. - What Is Amazon Launchpad, and How Could It Help Grow Your Business? - Amazon Will Regret Building Private Label Brands - Lower ACoS, Increase Profits

Automatically end your GTC listings and avoid relisting fees

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Started by 3DSellers,
2 Oct 2019
We've launched a solution to end your GTC listings on eBay based on your preferences. Now, you can create rules to automatically end your underperforming listings and avoid relisting fees. This has been a hot discussion topic online among eBay sellers so we created a very easy-to-use tool to help you avoid manual one-by-one ending of listings. Here's a quick video, where you can learn how to use it. Stop wasting your time ending listings, spen

Free Amazon Checklist Tutorial Tool: FBAHelper

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Garlic Press Seller
Started by Garlic Press Seller,
2 Oct 2019
Hi, We are building a new Amazon FBA Tool. The tool will teach you how to get started with selling on Amazon in a very easy step-by-step style tutorial. We will cover all the concepts ranging from: Product Research Manufacturing Shipping Sales Best of all: It's free! Check us out @

Need products to sell on Amazon FBA?

Replies: 2
Latest: 1 Oct 2019
Started by DPS,
9 Sep 2019
We've got you covered. We provide 15+ product leads/day to FBA sellers like yourself. We help people grow their business by helping them avoid one of the biggest pains of online arbitrage, sourcing. Stop spending time sourcing and connect to an infinite stream of products to sell. Just open up the list we send you. Then just click, buy, sell & profit. It's that easy. - 70+ products / week - products are not being sold by Amazon -

E-Commerce Software License Bundle Channergy

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Started by vult1337,
30 Sep 2019
I am selling this one bundle one time. 2019 Channergy 3 User licenses + Client/Server license bundled for sale for $20,000. The normal price is $7999 per user and $1100 for the server. For a total of $25097, savings of $5097. You must be NEW to Channergy and I MUST refer you. Once agreed to, the sale will be processed by Channergy for your safety. There is only this one bundle so the first to purchase gets it. There are no restrictions, these are full normal licenses. You can contact m

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