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Multi channel tools
23 Jan 2009

I currently sell on Amazon eBay and our own website. I am looking at using some multi channel software so I can deal with all of these similtaneously.
What I would like to know is how can these programs cope with the fact that we already have a website as opposed to creating one through them. Also what is the compatibility with Auctiva listings like with these tools? Would we be required to recreate all our listings?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Multi channel tools
26 Jan 2009

icanicant wrote:

Can these programs cope with the fact that we already have a website?
That depends on the system you are using to run your website. These are your main options:

  • Basic integration using file export/import. If both your multi-channel system and website software have this you should be able to synchronise the data. A delimited text format is often used, such as CSV (comma-separated values). The downside is that file import/export is normally a manual process so the data will get out of sync between exports, and some data elements may not be included in the process and require manual editing.

  • More sophisticated integration using "web services". This provides automatic synchronisation and can provide seamless integration. The downside is that the systems have to be designed to work together, so your options will be limited or non-existent.

  • Ditching your existing website and using the multi-channel solution provider's web store. This should be the easiest option, but you might not get all the features and flexibility you are used to with your current website.

  • icanicant wrote:

    Would we be required to recreate all our listings?
    A good system should be able to import your existing listings, either from a file export or directly from eBay.
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