Looking for Good Virtual to help us along

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Looking for Good Virtual to help us along
17 Sep 2018
Hello Everyone!

My first post!!! My name is Ana Pereira, I am not English expert but I try my best, i am selling on Amazon since 2005, still need a lot of help.

We are looking for great recommendations for Virtual Assistant.

I've Tried already 2 times onlinejobs.ph , but i guess they already learned how to cheating USA people.

This week I hired the different Virtual Assistant one for guide others and watch daily, one for social and one for listing.

The social media VA, Messed me up and made a fake complaint against me at onlinejobs.ph and the other ones denied using time doctor.

Now I give up and I still need really true honest VA to help me.

Thanks and good luck everyone.

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Re: Looking for Good Virtual to help us along
21 Sep 2018

I recommended you use this channel www.freeeup.com
They are very professional.
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Re: Looking for Good Virtual to help us along
21 Sep 2018
I am a VA, honest and hardworking. I've worked especially listing on eBay for many clients.
I'm in immediately. Try me, if not satisfied do not pay me!
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Re: Looking for Good Virtual to help us along
22 Sep 2018

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation. You can contact TechnoKrats, it mostly deals with Amazon sellers. They have been successful in building a long-term relationship and have clients working with them for over 4+ yrs.
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Qasim Sunny
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Re: Looking for Good Virtual to help us along
13 Nov 2018

Hello, Hope you doing well.
I have Gone through all your Post and I literally feel, if its happen to me!
I really can feel and observe the situation you are in, its happen to some of my clients as well.

But for a change, I would like you to Introduce myself and my Company.

This is Qasim, I work as Sale Representative at URTasker DBA as Dasktech.

Hope you’re doing good and having a great time. I am writing this email as a followup of my last emails of which I haven’t got any reply. I am reaching out to you as a followup of Urtasker Services.

At urtasker.com, we provide e-commerce sellers like yourself with hassle-free, cost-effective and trusted outsourced business solutions for platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

? Fully optimizing your Amazon product listing with the most highly searched, relevant and potent keywords that make your listing stand out from the rest, rank better and gain more visibility.

? Refine and polish your Shopify website design layout, with a crisper more responsive user interface

? Revamping your PPC campaigns to increase the conversion rate for higher sales and greater profits

? Developing proven selling strategies on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, as well as other e-commerce platforms for long-term business viability.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding that. Also, let me know the best time and number to talk to you.
Qasim Mehmood
Sales Representative | Urtasker
phone: 6319938899
email: Qasim.m@urtasker.com
skype: qasim.dasktech
address: Commack,NY

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