Best system for multiple online stores and physical POS

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Best system for multiple online stores and physical POS
16 Feb 2009
Lately I have become a little overwhelmed at all the new options as far as determining what programs to use in what combination. Right when I think I have it all figured out I hear there is a more efficient option I didn't know about. So I was hoping someone can tell me what is the best option for my businesses.

I currently am a power seller. I have 3 stores (one cultural store, one jewelry, and one for games and game guides) and then I have 1 physical storefront store with a corresponding ebay and online store. (it is an art gallery and gift shop) The store front runs Quickbook and Quickbooks POS. So what I did with the gallery was, I got a pro store to at least sync the eBay and the online store however I found out the POS system cannot be synced like they told me when I got it so my goal of having all 3 synced is not happening (i wanted it to be that if someone buys something in my store, it comes off the Prostore and eBay). I am currently trying to find a way around that (converting to excel, loading it into eBay or Prostore then syncing the two. not sure yet how this is going to work so if anyone knows a way I would love to hear it)

Then with my other stores I have one prostore for one of them and the rest just eBay stores. This is getting hard to manage and I would love to have a prostore for each, but again it would be expensive and time consuming. My thoughts for the online stores was to combine them all into one prostore site that in a sense manages them as seperate companies but where people can stay on the same shopping cart. Like of Sears, Macys, Target and Walmart were on one site that allowed you to shop at them all with one shopping cart. However I don't think you can combine more than one ebay store to a prostore and if you could you couldn't separate them.

So basically, I thought if I started an umbrella site, then within that, have all of my separate companies, that would be easier to manage. My question is, is that the best way to go and if so, what software/programs are best for this. What are people doing, that have multiple online stores and storefronts? And does anyone know a better way to handle the situation with my storefront POS system not syncing with eBay and the online store?

hope this all makes sense.


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