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A review of Jazva by lprodusa
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Do Not Purchase
21 Sep 2018
Wow. Don't even know where to start. We were a little hesitant to choose Jazva at first because of the high setup cost. They promised us great features and even better results for our company. At first, they told us we were ahead of schedule to push live. This was only because our team was spending 9 hour days doing everything we could to get our products onto their platform. Once all our products were up everything crashed and burned. This is because they couldn't get our account to effectively connect to the apps, programs, and channels we needed most. We were so excited about the QuickBooks connection. When the time came for us to connect to QuickBooks, they told us that the connection was actually in BETA and that we couldn't use it. (ARE YOU KIDDING). This was not mentioned to us before we signed up and QuickBooks was the most important connection to us. If this were the only thing that went wrong we may have stuck with Jazva. The next issue was that we could not manually update our Amazon listings from Jazva because their developers had not mapped out the Beauty category. YOU THINK THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD US THIS BEFORE WE PAID SETUP COSTS!? So now we couldn't use the Amazon connection because all our products are Beauty products. I wish it would've ended there as well. Come to find out our Walmart connection didn't work either. At this point, we had enough. Literally, the only features we wanted were the ones that absolutely did not work. I don't know how they can sell this software if it does not even work. When we told them we were done and wanted a refund they stopped all communication with us. They literally went MIA for 3 days until we kept following up with them. When they FINALLY replied they told us our account had been terminated but no refund possible. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME AND FIND ANOTHER SOFTWARE SOLUTION.

Update: Jazva did reach out to us and amend for the damages they caused us. They worked with us to find a fair solution.

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