Bulq is a ****.

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Never Buying from Bulq Again
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Bulq is a ****.
22 Sep 2018
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Beware of buying anything from BULQ. They are able to legitimately **** buyers. They sell junk/garbage from Target and other retailers and state that its returns. You and I buy there junk which they would need to pay to dispose it!!! Do not fall for it.

I have bought almost every condition from Bulq new/like new has always had a missing or broken item. They claim they have a 98% accurate manifest guarantee, yet the item missing/broken will be the most expensive item in the lot. So pretty much your at a loss.

High end watch retailed at $400 was swapped out with a a cheap invicta watch. High end handbag was swapped out with a Chinese basic bag smelled like polyurethane and had to throw it away (who is doing the inspecting???).

Scratch and dent means really means heavily used and damaged that it was no way a customer return. More like something that was used in there office or some retailer had laying around.

Uninspected returns means garbage and junk, broken glass, damaged items. missing parts to things you dont even know whats its for. Things that you cannot even donate.

The MSRP is always inflated and inaccurate.

when I called and emailed and they always gave me the runaround or gave me a low partial refund and closed the case.

I will never buy from Bulq again. You have been warned here and by many other buyers.
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