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A review of Feedback Boost by clark.gwynn
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Love this Program...
24 Sep 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
As a busy eBay and brick mortar seller, I don't have a lot of free time! Anything I can find that streamlines my work load is welcome. Feedback Boost helps me sooo much by reminding my customers to leave feedback with my custom message. I'm mostly concerned that my customers are happy and they've received their items. Feedback Boost makes sure they get a message from us asking for just that. We also use it for follow up messages asking for reviews if they are happy. Feedback Boost manages all that for us, saving plenty of time.

Could anything have been better?
Nothing I can thing of, they even allow you to blacklist reviewers that are likely to leave negative feedback.

How was the support? The support from John Wheeler is AWESOME, you gotta get this program.

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