Not Worth a Free Trial!

A review of FeedbackFive by AMX Top Biz
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Not Worth a Free Trial!
27 Sep 2018
I tried this software before I read the reviews. To be frank. The software sent 300 emails, I got 1 feedback and 1 product review!

When I informed the rep from feedback 5, she said I needed to work with her to craft a template.

So after using feedback 5 templates and 300 emails later, your telling me I need to rewrite and then resend 300 emails?

This software does not give you any metrics you can't see in Seller Central. I am extremely disappointed and I've not resolved my issue.. which is more feedback. It's a ****.

If you offer me a free trial, I'd expect to see a benefit to purchase your service. Even a note that you will get better results when you create your own email template

Support was terrible. It felt like they wanted me to do the work, if I had the time to write and send 300 emails, why do I need feedback 5?

There is no way to cancel this service before the trial ends, another ****. You have to contact a rep who is trained to stop you from cancelling

So my question, in addition to this complaint any recommendations on software that can help me resolve my problem. .. I need more feedback!
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