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A review of Webinterpret by neweros
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Wosrt company ever
27 Sep 2018
Our company received an invite from PayPal to avail of this FREE service where our website would be translated and displayed to overseas customers in their native language. At first we thought PayPal were providing the service and this gave us the confidence to look into it further. On looking into it, we discovered that the service was being offered by WebInterpret, although all payments would be processed via PayPal (hence their interest in promoting this service).
I had a telephone conversation with one of the Webinterpret sales team. As I said earlier, we were being offered this service for free. Knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch, I asked how Webinterpret made money from this. I was told that they did this by offering their shipping services. If our customer selected their shipping option, then we would send the package to their UK Fulfilment depot and they would then ship onwards to the destination country. The shipping charge was set by and paid to Webinterpret. I told the salesperson that in some instances we offered free international shipping, so what was to stop our customer simply selecting that option and bypassing them. IMPORTANT BIT NOW FOLLOWS....
The salesperson told me that they were OK with that. Their shipping options would appear ALONGSIDE our shipping options and the customer could choose the best option for their order. THAT WAS THE LIE!!
It turns out that anyone who accessed our site via webinterpret was ONLY offered the Webinterpret shipping options. Our shipping options were not available to them. Had I know that, I would never have agreed to accept their service. I Believed that they were offering competing shipping, possibly lower that our own international rates which was a win-win situation for all concerned. As I said, that was a lie.
As a result we took international orders that could have had free shipping had they visited our store directly, but ended up paying Webinterpret exorbitant amounts for the shipping.
Luckily I realised this as soon as we received the first order via Webinterpret and turned their service off right away. We only ended up taking a total of 2 orders via Webinterpret, but we have already received a complaint from one of those customers. I am now going to have to contact these customers and refund them the ridiculous shipping fees Webinterpret charged. If their service was really fast they might have grounds to justify the charges, but they aren’t - their service is much slower than even regular post (but several times the price).
If you want to translate your website there are much easier and less painful ways to do it (such as langify app in Shopify stores).
As for Webinterpret?- avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid avoid!!

P.S. I fully expect someone from Webinterpret to come on here and deny that they said the things I am reporting. As we all know such phone calls are recorded ‘for training purposes’, so I will gladly request a copy of the recording and post it online for anyone who is interested in hearing it
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