Absolutely Horrible Experience & Correspondence

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Absolutely Horrible Experience & Correspondence
28 Sep 2018
What an absolutely horrible experience to deal with Cascadia.

I hired Cascadia a year ago to get verified into the Amazon EU / UK marketplace and I was quickly onboarded by their team to begin the process.

After a few weeks of unsuccessful attempts to be verified by the team, any inquiries and emails I sent in to Cascadia would take weeks and weeks to reach anyone. I would literally email my contact multiple times and it would go unanswered for weeks on end. The only way to actually have any hope of reaching anyone would be to schedule a skype call and even then it was rare to speak to anyone. The large fee (larger than any other Amazon consultant) that they were happy to bill me for was out the door.

I've finally had enough and decided to hire another reputable group of Amazon consultants who was able to get me selling on the Amazon EU / UK marketplace in about 2 weeks. (This was done at half the price also.)

There are plenty of capable Amazon consultants out there that know what they're doing that actually care about their clients. At Cascadia, they're happy to take your money and look for the next group of Amazon sellers that ready to pay up.
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Cascadia Seller Solutions
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Re: Absolutely Horrible Experience & Correspondence
24 Oct 2018

We really appreciate your feedback; this is definitely not the experience we want any of our clients to have with us. We are so sorry, and will work with our team to mitigate recurrences.

If we understand you correctly, you're saying that this situation has not reached its natural end with us. If this is the case and you would prefer to continue this conversation through email, please reach out to us at christina.evans@thinkCascadia.com.

We would be happy to offer a credit towards future services or discuss other potential options, as your experience is not the type we like to see. We are committed to resolving this as satisfactorily as possible!
Rachel Greer
Founder/Principal Consultant
Cascadia Seller Solutions - 206-202-4012
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