oh hell no!!!!

A review of Auctiva by cybereyes
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oh hell no!!!!
2 Oct 2018
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I am new to using templates for listing and I NEED/HAVE to use templates because I am selling several hundred like items. I selected Auctiva based on what I read on their site. WRONG DECISION!!!
I spent an entire day crafting several options based on book types, authors, etc. When it came time to populate the templates with the data, I ran into a host of issues.

The template selected was designed to host 1 image but when I looked at the template after plugging in all the information and loading an image.. NO IMAGE was seen! I did this 3 times and the same thing happened

Is sent a message to support (THERE IS NO ONE TO CALL) about another issue and say a response posted but NEVER say any type of email letting me know that a response was provided. I just happened to look in the area where you submit an issue.

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