Store Listings versus GTC Auctions?

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Store Listings versus GTC Auctions?
23 Feb 2009
Correct me if I'm wrong but are not the following true?

1) The vast majority of all auction on E-bay are won by/discovered by people doing a keyword search.

2) Store listings are only displayed on search results if there are not very many regular (non-store) auctions that match the search. If there are many matching non-store auctions, store listings are not displayed.

3) When store listings are displayed, they are displayed last.

4) Buyers can see a list of the seller's other items for sale by using the "View Seller's Other Items" link in all their auctions despite whether they are store auctions or not.

If all 4 of these things are true, why would anyone want to list their items as store listings when they can list them as Fixed Price Auctions, Good Til Canceled duration and get better visibility?
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Re: Store Listings versus GTC Auctions?
24 Feb 2009
Hi Consultant!
I totally agree with everything you say above.

I do have an addition though.

5. Best match carry forward score is the most important item in getting your items viewed within fixed price. If you item does not have a carry forward score (previous sales), it might be as invisible as store items. Thus, the only model where you can make sure your items are seen are auctions or auctions with bin. (sort is end time, not score).

Let me dig up some more info..

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