AuctionSound Integrates ShipRush

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AuctionSound Integrates ShipRush
27 Feb 2009
We have integrated ShipRush to enhance your shipping options within AuctionSound. AuctionSound will now detect your current version of ShipRush and provide you the shipping links within the Awaiting Shipment section. You now have the ability to combine orders and send automated email notifications to your buyers and have the tracking numbers and costs auto populate into your AuctionSound account.

For those who don’t know, ShipRush is a third-party application that links AuctionSound to major shipping providers like FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service. ShipRush processes shipments fast and is very easily installed. Best of all, the FedEx and USPS versions of ShipRush are free of charge.

For those who already have a version of ShipRush installed there is no setup necessary. The "Send to ShipRush" option is already available in the Shipping section and even provides support for using multiple versions for different carriers.
Brett Rush
Product Manager

Thompson & Holt