Mentor - An experienced and trusted adviser - Not Free Help

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Mentor - An experienced and trusted adviser - Not Free Help
15 Oct 2018
Sorry, but a bit of a rant.

Mentor - according to the dictionary means 'An experienced and trusted adviser' or 'An experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels new employees or students'. Now as far as I can tell in those two definitions, there is nothing about it being free.

Unfortunately to some starting out in ecommerce they seem to think otherwise. My company inbox receives many emails a day all saying virtually the same thing 'I am looking for a mentor for my ecommerce business, please have a look and tell me what you think'. No mention of 'Could you look at my website / business and give a price for helping me'.

Also those that have been mentored and have paid for the privilege, things have not worked out and expect me to provide my services for free !

I even had one that wanted me to login to their website and fix all the problems they had. When I gave them an idea of cost they said 'I do not want to pay for your service, but I am on lots of forums and facebook pages and will leave you a good review' !

Another common one is 'What products should I sell ?'. Sorry, but I am not doing everything for you.

If you start thinking I am a miserable old git who does not want to help anyone, wrong. I will try and help anyone I can up to a point (the miserable old git bit is a possibility). I am active on this and other forums trying to give constructive and critical advise. I also maintain and host several websites for certain charities and clubs for free. However when people think that I should help them make money and not make money myself, that is wrong. I too have a family and cats to look after.

For those that have tried everything and are still having problems, I will try my best to help. For those that want everything doing for them, well........

Rant over !

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Re: Mentor - An experienced and trusted adviser - Not Free H
19 Oct 2018
Maybe splitting hairs here but I think a mentor should be free, but these people who email you aren't really asking for a mentor - just free services.

A mentor doesn't work for you at all, they advise, question, maybe make introductions. They help you figure out how to fix problems, choose a direction etc. They don't do it for you.
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