HELP! I must pay UK VAT GBP & FR VAT EUROs. Need A/C Program

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HELP! I must pay UK VAT GBP & FR VAT EUROs. Need A/C Program
16 Oct 2018
We in Britain are very poorly served by our big 4 Banks and Software providers. There are a lot of Traders on eBay and Amazon (and I am one of them) that sell into France, Germany, Italy and Spain. I have now passed the threshold where I have to pay the FRENCH VAT to the French TAX office.

Neither the Banks nor the software providers are geared up for that. i.e. There are no SEPA B2B Direct Debits available which is the only method the French Tax Authority (TVA) will accept. Amazon will suspend your account if you are accused of not paying the French VAT if you go over 35,000 Euros

I have used Quickbooks Premier (2016) for 6 years now. After a years worth of entries and 6 plus hours spent on the phone speaking to Quickbooks GLOBAL help desk, the so called expert representative of Quickbooks tells me that Although Quickbooks 2016 Premier Desktop UK is marketed as a multi-currency.; it is NOT POSSIBLE to create a TAX Agency (in this case France) to operate in EUROS and pay from a EURO account. One can only pay in GBP. The HMRC VAT Tax Agency works fine but not the FRENCH VAT Tax Agency. It took 3 hours for expert representative of Quickbooks to come to that conclusion.

So does anyone know of an account package online or desktop that:
1. Truly deals in Multi Currencies
2. Can create a Tax Agency VAT AND TVA (french) in EUROS as well as GBP.

And while we are about it, another major problem in selling in Europe is that the French, and I suspect German, Spanish and Italian Tax agencies will only accept payment by SEPA **BUSINESS to BUSINESS** DIRECT DEBITS. And nothing Else. Our big 4 banks do not have that facility avaialble for businesses whose turnover is less than £3 Million per year. It took me 6 months of being strung along with Lloyds to find that out for no positive end result.

Has anyone got any solutions for that?
has anyone else got these problems?

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