ebay,amazone,website shipping labels software

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ebay,amazone,website shipping labels software
10 Mar 2009

I am looking for a software that downloads my sales from eBay, Amazon and website to one software from the software i want to print shipping details on the avery labels, there is few different avery labels in each page there is 14, 18 or 21 avery labels i dont mind which ever but in each order i want the name, address and also on top of the name and address i want it to write the product number or the product name to each label. Is there a software like this

thank you
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Re: ebay,amazone,website shipping labels software
10 Mar 2009
Hi serkan11

Are you in the UK? If so Tradebox Customer Manager should be a perfect fit. It hasn't been released yet (should be this month) but seems to have all the features you want.

If you are in the UK and use couriers for your parcels Shipping Manager could work for you. It is integrated with eBay and can take a CSV (Excel) file for Amazon or website orders.

Hope that helps!
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Re: ebay,amazone,website shipping labels software
22 Mar 2009
Packing Partner Invoice Edition is very useful and saves hours and is easy to format exactly what info you want on a label.

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Re: ebay,amazone,website shipping labels software
30 Mar 2009
for UK you can use Linnworks


It even does Royal Mail accepted Postage manifest for you.

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