What auction management features do you need?

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What auction management features do you need?
12 Mar 2009
Hi all,

I would like to have a lively discussion on the features you would like to see in your auction management software that is not available from your current vendor or can be improved. What would make your life better?

What is missing from or could be done better in

Channel Advisor
MarketplaceAdvisor( Marketworks)
Etc. ....

I would like to see a better way for my images to be linked to my listings. For someone who lists hundreds of new items weekly it is hard to have my images line up with the correct listing.


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Re: What auction management features do you need?
17 Mar 2009
My suggestions:

A single point to control my inventory across 3 sales channels, namely eBay.co.uk, Amazon UK and my own website.

Good Amazon.co.uk seller central integration.

Automatically update eBay GTC listings and Amazon inventory to maintain a set level of availability.

A single screen that would show how much of a particular item I have in stock and have made available on each channel.

Low stock warnings

Automatic second chance offers.

Accounts package integration.

Automatic Amazon repricing

One folder for each inventory item that could include product images, eBay listing description, Amazon product details etc.

Ability to have different pricing on each channel for an item

Automatically mport and process sales and adjust inventory from each channel

Produce invoices and picking lists

Importantly - No large initial set up cost or large monthly minimum sales and commission

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