FeedbackFive: Scalable, Cost-Effective, Best Support

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FeedbackFive: Scalable, Cost-Effective, Best Support
2 Nov 2018
After trying 4-5 other feedback management service providers, FeedbackFive is easily the best solution for our company. At a base level, it easily addresses the our most important needs for feedback, review management, and email order follow-ups. However, more importantly for us, FeedbackFive is easily scalable across product count and store count, from both an ease of use and cost perspective. They're easy for us to grow with.

The next major point for us is the availability of customer success advisers, at no additional cost. Our adviser is readily available, responds quickly, and helps us stay up to date with best practices, which is important since Amazon's policies frequently change. Having someone available to answer our questions, troubleshoot urgent issues, and provide an experienced perspective on our work is invaluable, and this feature takes a lot of uncertainty and extra work off our plate.

FeedbackFive is definitely worth you taking the time to do a free trial or try out if you're not sure. I have zero incentive to write this review other than the fact that I've literally tried (Feedback Genius-SellerLabs/BQool/Feedbackz/JumpSend's email service), and FeedbackFive was hands-down the best choice for us.
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