Left Sellbrite for Jazva

A review of Jazva by Kiera
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Left Sellbrite for Jazva
7 Nov 2018
We started using Jazva about 4 months ago after we had enough with Sellbrite. We are extremely happy with our decision so far.

What we like is being able to have one centralized hub to manage our whole eCommerce business and our wholesale side as well. They helped us get onto more channels such as Walmart and Jet, and helped get all of our products from Amazon listed onto those channels.

We are also using Jazva for inventory and warehouse management. This has already prevented overselling, which was one of the big reasons we left Sellbrite. The launch specialist I worked with helped us out a bunch by making us more efficient in the warehouse as well.

The one issue we had was when we first started it took 5 days just to get introduced to our launch specialist, but after that these 4 months have been exciting and we are extremely happy going into Christmas!

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