The only soft that works

A review of ManageByStats by l.cantrell
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The only soft that works
8 Nov 2018
Before Manage vy Stats I had have signed up with all soft applications existing in the market, and regret to say that neither was able to make the reporting easier than Amazon portal does, so after a free trial I'd go back to crunching numbers in excel.
Not to mention that I felt sometimes unsafe to disclose all the data, some of my bestsellers mysteriously appeared on amz after signup with several 3rd party amz reporting tools. That might be a coincidence or might be not.

I am extremely happy I finally found Manage By Stats, its accurate and presents the data perfectly, easy to read and understand, and make decisions based on accurae data. All I need to have quick access to is there. Well done!
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Re: The only soft that works
15 Nov 2018
Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to say that here in a review. We're very happy to have you with us.
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