Icecat NV (content provider)&detailed products descriptions

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Icecat NV (content provider)&detailed products descriptions
15 Nov 2018
Greetings resellers and fellow Webretailer users

If you are looking for detailed product descriptions, Open Icecat is the perfect catalogue for you!
Icecat is the world's leading provider of content in ICT, consumer electronics, and office supplies. Currently, more than 45,000 e-commerce sites around the world take advantage of Icecat content. Icecat has approximately 300 sponsors and more than 4,000,000 complete datasheets that get updated and improved each day. Some of our biggest customers are: Ingram Micro, Tech Data,, eBay, Amazon, Media Markt, Expert, Euronics.

Icecat offers two types of content catalogues:
1. Open Icecat is the only free content database worldwide, sponsored by more than 300 leading manufacturers. Open Icecat contains more than 500,000 products (a full portfolio of sponsors such as Samsung, Asus, HP, Acer). Icecat also offers a free service to present your price tag on Icecat websites for comparison.
2. Full Icecat is the complete version of the base data catalog, which contains more than 4,000,000 products from 11,000+ manufacturers.

The content of the database includes the following elements:
• Brand name
• Product number of the product
• Categories (UNSPSC base)
• Product images (unlimited)
• Multimedia content (demos, videos)
• Multilingual marketing documentation
• Standardized search and comparison specifications
• Brochures, user manual (PDF) (that can be downloaded)
• Options (related products)
• Similar products
• Basic information: date of issue, date of change
• Logistic information: EAN / UPC codes, weight & dimensions

Here are some examples of our descriptions:


Descriptions are available in 5 formats: XML, Icecat Live, JSON, URL, CSV
To access Open Icecat, please register on our web site:

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