Lego IP suspension

A review of Thompson & Holt by Marcus_
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Lego IP suspension
15 Nov 2018
I was selling Lego which was bought from my regular wholesaler however they didn’t have permission to sell Harry Potter Lego. As a result my Amazon account was frozen and they wouldn’t give me access to my money. I contacted Thompson and Holt who explained the issue and offered help, 7 days later my account was reinstated. I am unable to sell Lego but I was told that I can reapply at a later date. I now have 150 boxes of Lego that I need to sell!

Here is the email which I got from Amazon.

We attempted to reach you by phone today to discuss recent issues related to intellectual property infringement. As a result of these issues, your Amazon selling account has been temporarily deactivated. At this time, funds will not be transferred to you but will stay in your account while we work with you to address this issue.
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