Thought vendio was the answer...

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Thought vendio was the answer...
27 Mar 2009
Hey everyone. We sell about half and half ebay/amazon. Ebay is managed perfectly using Blackthorne pro, but amazon is a mess. Unless we are shipping fedex where ShipRush imports the orders we are copying and pasting addresses. We have zero integration of inventory between ebay and amazon.

In hoping to make it all work perfectly in unison I started researching every single solution available and found opinions that led me to think it would be Vendio ($100/month) or Zoovy ($200/month) and charges you if you sneeze.

I've just got my vendio account up an running and I am thoroughly annoyed.

When I list a new item that has a UPC code, It takes me no more than a minute to get the item up and running using amazon's single listing page.

I tried the same item on vendio, and found that once my presets are all entered I still have to tell vendio a number of extra time consuming things like what category it's in, and even have to shorten the title that it imported from amazon. This equated to 4-5 minutes to get the listing together.

Blackthorne is similar speed. We've pretty much got it down to a science and it takes no more than a few minutes to get something up and running.

What would you guys do? I know that I can use a number of programs to automate my amazon shipping (shiprush, and others), but I was really hoping for an all in one software here. I just wish that blackthorne could export to amazon.

Advice is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Thought vendio was the answer...
30 Mar 2009

fishandfly wrote:

I just wish that Blackthorne could export to amazon.
You may get your wish... in a roundabout way. The team behind Blackthorne were laid off by eBay recently and are writing a brand new auction management tool with eBay and Amazon integration, but it's going to take a while. Blackthorne Founder Developing New Auction Management Tool
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Re: Thought vendio was the answer...
30 Mar 2009
Hi fishandfly

I’d love to discuss your Vendio account with you and the challenges you are having with listing items. I know we would benefit from hearing your experience and hopefully we can speed things up for you too. I would appreciate it if you could spare some time and I can set up a gotomeeting/ webex session and follow along as you list an item. I might be able to solve all your time to list issues or I will have a list of items that we need to improve.

Also, I’d like to know if you are using the catalog (pre-fill) as opposed to entering from scratch which should speed things up dramatically?

Either way. I’d so much appreciate your insight

Please feel free to contact me at:
or give me a call at -650-293-3557

and we’ll try and make it so Vendio IS the answer for you !!

Crystal Wells
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Re: Thought vendio was the answer...
30 Mar 2009
To anyone following this, I spoke with Crystal and they are going to start working on the issue. I'll post an update later.

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