FeedbackFive is the best tool I have used

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FeedbackFive is the best tool I have used
22 Nov 2018
FeedbackFive is very helpful with it's easy connection to Amazon.
The costume templates are perfect as you can really fit it to your needs.
Their Leave Feedback button works wonders in customer's engagement

It is supper easy to use and you can simply forget about this hassle. Customer interaction is so important and it can take up a lot of your time, so this system really time saving.

The only thing I would add to it is the possibility to auto replay with various scenarios, if the customer sent a message back after your first email was sent.

And the very best for last- their support is absolutely amazing. I had a call with one of their reps and she not only helped with the problem I had, but also had a few suggestions to change and better the emails I am sending. After that she kept following up with me with more suggestions - all to make the open rates better and the CR to Feedback higher - and that is priceless.
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