Auction software - Looking for End-to-End solution

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Auction software - Looking for End-to-End solution
29 Mar 2009
Hello everyone!

I'm looking for advice...I am a new seller to eBay, and looking for an end to end solution for my business from inventory, barcoded system, automatic auction posting, auto shipping with an intigrated system with major shipping companies etc...

I've been talking to Kyozou and they had me do a tour of their system. It looks very good, however reading all of the reviews and feedback I haven't been able to find a single one that was positive. Does anyone have any personal feedback about their company?

Also, are there any suggestions for any other reliable service provider that can meet my requirements?

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Re: Auction software - Looking for End-to-End solution
30 Mar 2009
For order management (fulflillment), inventory, multichannel synchronization (stops you overselling) try Linnworks

You would have to do the listing using eBay, Amazon tools.

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