The WORST 3PL experience EVER!

A review of Rakuten Super Logistics by foolmeonce
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The WORST 3PL experience EVER!
28 Nov 2018
Where do I start?!?! Let me preface this by saying that we're a growing 8 figure sales company that has been in business for almost a decade. We hold 7 figures of inventory at any given time. We've been with 4 different 3PL's in the past years and Rakuten was by FAR the worst we've ever dealt with. Don't be fooled by the big name, this group of people are the absolute worst!

The salesman was nice and, understandably, promised us the world. He was a good salesman and made us feel comfortable by his quick replies and hard work. But he's the salesman and really had no control over the operations.

The reality was that product was shipped out with wrong dims/weights that were randomly entered as they picked and packed. Sometimes they would be entered in at 3x the actual weight causing super high shipping rates. At one point, we chased back nearly 100k of wrongly invoiced shipping fees! They charged so many extra hidden fees that we lost so much money it was hard to keep track of. Product was lost and they never apologized. Even when we left and had our products shipped out, they shipped us pallets of products that weren't ours and belonged to their other customers.

We didn't stay very long as we quickly realized that a company like this would ruin our company. The sad part is that they insisted they were great partners. Horrible service from their management. They were so bad that we decided to open our own fulfillment center up ourselves. I'm sure there are good 3PLs out there but after Rakuten, I'll never use a 3PL again!

If you're thinking about using Rakuten, please DO NOT! As a biz owner, I feel a responsibility to other business owners to share my experience in hopes that you'll avoid the horrors that will follow a partnership with Rakuten Super Logistics. Just don't do it. Find another company to bet on. I learned the hard way so you don't have to.
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