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Currency Query
29 Nov 2018
The information about the handling of currencies is quite misleading as it all seems to imply that the base currency is always dollars and all other currency details are then converted to USD.

When I tried to discuss this with them (using chat) they said
Yes, we support multiple currencies and even convert it for you.
Here's an article for more information about it. Can I change the main currency of the app?
But this documentation only talks about changing the currency being displayed, which led me to think that the base currency couldn't be changed.

However, I have been assured that the base currency can be changed to any of 8 currencies, so would be suitable for use by UK companies.

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Re: Aimed at US companies only!
29 Nov 2018
@TheLondoner you may have missed the Currency Choice selector in Account Settings. You have a choice of 8 different currencies that you can use as your default currency in Shopkeeper.
We display numbers in both the original marketplace currency (let’s say GBP) and also in your chosen currency (EUR for example).
You are very welcome to revisit Shopkeeper.

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