Total incompetence.

A review of UPS Mail Innovations by magorcus
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Total incompetence.
29 Nov 2018
What happened? UPS Mail Innovations claims they delivered my package to the local PO 10 days ago. The local PO says they haven't received it. Given the number of similar complaints I believe the PO.

How was the support? Simply put, the support sucks. I spent 40 minutes on the UPS Mail Innovations customer support line. The agent was polite enough, but he had never heard of UPS Mail Innovations. I had to direct him to the web site and explain how to enter the tracking number. After he was unable to locate the package I was transferred to a supervisor. She explained that she doesn't have tools to locate the package and I should call the sender so they can find it. The sender decided to send me a replacement via Fedex.

Could anything have been better? Everything could have been better. UPS Mail Innovations is a model of incompetence. Why anybody would ship a package this way is beyond me.

Update: Somehow UPS Mail Innovations magically found my package and it was delivered to the local PO. The status on USPS tracking changed from "arrived" to "delivered", which is exactly what the USPS told me would happen. I suspect the package was sitting in a UPS warehouse somewhere. What a bunch of bozos.

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