Certainly worth the money.

A review of Feedback Express by mhconsulting
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Certainly worth the money.
30 Nov 2018
For us the decision was made because FeedbackExpress provides a simple solution to a difficult problem. Without using software like FeedbackExpress, it's nearly impossible to receive adequate seller feedback. Even for moderately sized companies like us, it's important to have a constant flow of positive feedback to offset the inevitable negative feedback from the customers you simply cannot please. Our trial results were solid and I was able to use the information from the trial to push my senior management to approve the paid plan.

So far, you're doing everything right. I'm sure there is something I'll come across that could be better, but as of now you've got an A+ from me.
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Re: Certainly worth the money.
3 Dec 2018
Thanks for the nice words about our software. Keep up the good work and have a great 2019!


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