Product liability insurance

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Product liability insurance
30 Nov 2018
I'm a relatively new Amazon seller based in the UK selling into the UK and EU - most of the products i sell are imported from China either directly by myself or through a wholesaler in the UK.

I've been talking to some insurance brokers about insurance packages but the stumbling block is always product liability for products from China - the brokers also do not seem to be that aware of e-retailing.

Can anyone recommend an insurance company/ broker who has experience of this type of business.

Be grateful for any help
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Re: Product liability insurance
7 Dec 2018
Good luck with finding anybody prepared to cover product liability with stock from China!!! This is a Country whereby they contaminate baby milk with nonsense to make a few more quid. I take it you have thoroughly audited your supplier's entire supply chain and have documents to prove that all your supplier's entire supply chain manufacturers and is tested to EU standards? If you haven't got this why do you think that an insurance company will cover your product when you haven't even got this information?

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