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Increasing Review levels with email follow up sequences

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Increasing Review levels with email follow up sequences
10 Dec 2018
Hey Guys,

Recently i've seen a great improvement with some of my product review levels... I've done it by making improvements to my email follow up sequences.

Here is how i've done it.

Using Feedback Genius i have set up emails to provoke conversations with my customers... I have also attached an eBook showing them how to get the most out of the product...

This alone has helped improve my review levels. But it gets better....

Feedback Genius actually allows you to customize the emails you are sending to returning customers... i show you how to do within within another article on the eBusiness Boss blog (How to use feedback genius).

The above link will take you to a review article i've written on Feedback genius, it's the only software i've found that allows you to send customized messages to repeat customers....

Anyway, i thought you guys would find it useful!

I'd love to know what you think of the blog post!



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