Former Amazon Seller Performance Representative Tells ALL!

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Former Amazon Seller Performance Representative Tells ALL!
16 Dec 2018
My me is Paul Rosenberg. I previously worked for Amazon seller performance from 2011-2017. I worked within multiple departments within Amazon seller performance: Amazon Merchant Approvals, Amazon Security & Verification, Product Quality and Inventory Management, and most recently the Transparency and Product authentication department.

I now work independently helping Amazon sellers with various account problems, and most importantly explaining the true nature of there suspensions or account issues so that problems can be prevented in the future.

Based on what I've seen within the Amazon community, the #1 most detrimental issues sellers face is the lack of information provided from Amazon seller performance, and the abundance of misinformation spread by gurus, services, or just sellers in general. For example, there are articles posted here stating that "your plan of action must be short and to the point." This is FALSE! Amazons' reputation is at stake when dealing with third-party Amazon sellers. Very intricate plan of actions with proactive and retroactive resolutions must be submitted to resolve most issues. Over the past years as a seller performance representative I've reinstated accounts with appeal plans as long as eight pages long, or even a short as two paragraphs.

My job was simply to review your account annotations, and just your plan on action based on how it effectively addresses all problems show in your account indexing and annotations.

This is simply one of the many myths that prevent Amazon sellers from effectively resolving account issues.

I currently operate my own services to assist Amazon sellers with various account problems such as account suspensions, copyright infringement, trademark violations, listing removals, negative feedback, rights owner disputes, forged or manipulated supplier documentation cases, and even inauthentic complaints.

I use my resources within Amazon seller performance to access your account annotations, account indexing reports, and internal score. In combination these bits of information will will me and my team to resolve any Amazon seller related issues quickly and resolutely!

We offer cost effective and upfront pricing with all services backed with a full money back guarantee promise if we cannot resolve your Amazon dilemma!

If you need assistance with your Amazon account issues or have experienced failings with other similar services call me today or visit my website directly to chat with one of my live paralegals available to assist you 24/7.

Paul Rosenberg
Amazon Seller Care Services
Phone: (623)233-4105
Email: Payments@[REMOVED]
Website: [REMOVED]

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Re: Former Amazon Seller Performance Representative Tells AL
17 Dec 2018
Posts promoting your own business must be posted on the Ads and Announcements board.

Also, you must openly declare any industry connections you have. This post is promoting YoungLanes, but uses redirected URLs rather than posting the name openly. All redirected URLs have been removed.

Finally, you have to be honest when you post here. Is your name really Paul Rosenberg? Did you really work for Amazon? I can't find anything to back that up.

Our full policy is here:
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Re: Former Amazon Seller Performance Representative Tells AL
17 Dec 2018
@Andy you can simply call me yourself to verify who I am. Simply because i independently contract my services thru Younglanes does not mean I'm not who i at I am.

As i expected nonetheless when there's someone around who really knows how Amazon seller performance really works

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