Where is the best place to shop online?

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Where is the best place to shop online?
17 Dec 2018
What website is the least expensive costs? Typically I go to Yahoo to look new items. I tapped on the main item I saw, a toaster, and bought it from a site I hadn't known about. When the toaster came, the receipt indicated it as $15 short of what I paid.

Clearly, I was disappointed. What is a good place to shop on the web?
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Re: Where is the best place to shop online?
19 Dec 2018

In the case of your purchase of a toaster, you probably purchased from a dropshipper who then ordered the goods from another seller for despatch direct to you. That is why you got an invoice with an different amount.

Using your toaster as an example I did a quick search on Google UK for 'toaster' and found a nice looking toaster in the first 'ad' position for £29.

I then did a search on Google using the product title from the previous website and found the same toaster at £21.99 on a different website. However on the second page of the Google results I found a price comparison site that provided a link to another website where the price was £20.98.

So after no more than 2 minutes with Google I would have saved over 25%

Buying from the likes of eBay, Amazon and the other marketplaces as well as sites that have the sponsored ads at the top of the search results is not always the cheapest place to buy from as they have commissions and ad costs to pay for. If you can find it on a vendors own website then it is often cheaper as no / low commissions for the seller to pay.

A bit of research can pay dividends !

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Re: Where is the best place to shop online?
11 Feb 2019

As far as I know, Amazon and eBay is the most popular shopping online in the whole world.

But mostly, I do online shopping in a local shop online to order the affordable computer parts and gadgets.

If some selling item doesn't available in my local country, I do shop in Ebay or Amazon.
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Re: Where is the best place to shop online?
13 Feb 2019
eBay or Amazon usually are the best, for many reasons. But always good to look on both sites for cheaper prices for certain items. Some sellers drop ship from one to the other.

And don't forget on Amazon to not automatically buy from the featured seller - it's easily done because other (possibly cheaper) sellers for the same item aren't as visible.

Apart from that, the best sites/sellers to buy from are those that offer free or subsidised returns and free shipping. Shipping can be expensive if you want to send an item back.

Also, sometimes spend more just to get the free shipping, especially when your purchase is near the free ship threshold. Your total price may end up being cheaper, or you may pay a dollar or two more and get an extra item at a 'discount'.

And don't forget to Google for discount codes.
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Re: Where is the best place to shop online?
4 Mar 2019
Amazon and eBay might be quite popular, but there are certain things to bear in mind when buying from them. We do sell on eBay and we can tell that price is the main consideration there, not quality. People who shop on eBay expect prices to be at rock bottom - we have reduced prices by 10p to see massive increase in sales. You can't really compete if you sell quality product but charge more on eBay.
We have our online shop where people come to buy quality items... and pay a bit extra (even though our prices are probably some of the lowest).
As for the question where to do online shopping, I would recommend to do in online shops, however check prices for similar item on eBay or Amazon for reference, so you wouldn't overpay for it.

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