Selling on Amazon and Ebay using a dropshipper, best tools?

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Selling on Amazon and Ebay using a dropshipper, best tools?
29 Apr 2009

Great site, it was just the resource I was looking for.

I’m looking for some general advice on trading

I’ve traded on eBay and Amazon for a few years, mostly second hand stuff of mine like PS3 games.
I’ve decided to start working with a drop shipping service, recommended through a friend.
It checks out to be a very legitimate company with good reviews.

I’m hoping to get an increasing volume of sales on some products PS3 games DVD box sets etc.
But they have a really low mark up. So I’m looking to utilize an Amazon repricing tool so I am selling all the time. Even if the profit is only 50p. Obviously hoping to make more than that if the price fluctuates up a bit.

Also selling on eBay and Amazon. I’d like a way of creating listings offline (but not essential), in case my internet is being annoying.
And some sort of program to list on eBay and Amazon regularly and easily

I’ve read up for a few hours on your forum and external links to sites

I’m gathering Turbo Lister is a bit crashy? But straight forward
Other services, Most sites have a monthly sub for their services
Some do multiple Amazon eBay
(Would I pay for each site sub separately i.e. Amazon is one price and Amazon and eBay twice the price, some don’t have prices on the sites)

I was thinking of maybe expanding out into too, if things work out.

My few obvious questions, which will probably be answered over the next few weeks

How is the bulk of my time likely to be spent? (Researching products\listing stuff\other)
Do I need an EBay shop? Amazon shop what are the advantages?

Software/ online services. If I chose one that does eBay and Amazon is that wise?
I don’t want a ‘jack of all trades’ ‘master of none’ solution? But obviously this would keep the subscription cost down, only using one provider.

I use Auctiva before but found it intrusive:
Sending emails on my behalf
Changing my listing, “seller has changed the listing”
It kind of made me uncomfortable about what it was doing behind the scenes

Trading using a drop shipper kind of cuts out some of the potential problems and tasks involved.

But what other things might I consider, to trade on Amazon and eBay, especially as regards software tools\Amazon repricing tools?

Many Thanks

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Re: Selling on Amazon and Ebay using a dropshipper, best too
2 Jun 2009
try Linnworks (click banner on the left).

It integrates with eBay, Amazon and your own website (if you have one).

I think you will find it useful and able to fulfil your requirements.

Regarding drop shipping, the system supports macros and multiple stock locations so your order can be broken up into stocked and to be despatched by drop shipping company. It can also produce dropshipping order and automatically post it to dropshipper
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Re: Selling on Amazon and Ebay using a dropshipper, best too
9 Jun 2009
Teapplix IntelliShip ( is a web based shipping automation system that fully integrates with eBay, Amazon, PayPal based shopping carts, popular php based shopping carts etc. We would be able to print live shipping labels for US based carriers. For international currently we print address only labels.

For drop shipping, our software allows you to either 1) give access to drop shipper to your account so they will deal with shipping directly, or 2) pass shipping label "files" around.

We even help you do accounting for the drop shipped orders with reports of what is shipped & what shipping method used. Saves you bunch of time settling with your drop shipper.
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