Best tool to standardize, automate and manage ebay auctions?

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Best tool to standardize, automate and manage ebay auctions?
12 May 2009
Hey guys.

I own a small business and would like to expand to online sales. I have purchased from eBay but have never made a sale, so I am a bit wary of doing so without additional help.

I'm looking for an app or service that would present me with clean and attractive templates to which I just upload images and a paragraph of two for shipping and product information. I have no knowledge of HTML and such so it really needs to be idiot-proof.

I might be putting up many auctions simultaneously so if the app has some kind of management/alert functions it would be great.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Best tool to standardize, automate and manage ebay aucti
12 May 2009
Hi fatindian, and welcome to the forum

As you have never made a sale I would recommend that you try at least a few manual listings (not simultaneously!) before looking for software. You can use eBay's own themes for a small fee and there is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor so you don't need to know HTML to create a basic listing.

By doing that you would not only learn about the listing process, but also the post-sales process of communication, packing, shipping, and feedback. You would also build up some seller feedback to make yourself look more credible when selling higher-value items or in greater volumes. Finally, you'll find out which of your products sell best and, from interacting with buyers, how best to present your items to get all the necessary information across.

If you really do want to use a program I would go with something simple like Turbo Lister and wait until you have gained experience before looking for something more complex.
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