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7 Figure Seller - My Favorite Software for 2019

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7 Figure Seller - My Favorite Software for 2019
8 Jan 2019
Hello Guys,

At the back end of last year i took an advanced Amazon seller course that has changed the way i run my FBA business.

I used to use Jungle Scout for my product research and i'd just use my brain for most of the other decision making tasks (Keywords, Listing optimization etc).

3 Months into the course and I've only actually completed 51% of the course content! The majority of it revolves around chatbots and how to use them to rank and launch products.

Anyway, the course has forced me to rethink my entire strategy when it comes to Private Label. Before i launch a product i come up with 3 - 5 target keywords that i want to go after.

Did you know that the majority of the time a listing will generate 90% of its sales from 3 - 5 keywords, it makes sense that you work out which ones they are and go after them.

I now use one tool ( Helium 10 ) to do my keyword research, listing optimization, competitor research and my product research amongst the other things the course has taught me.

I've written a full article to run through how i use each of their tools within my business, if you want to check it out use the link below

Link: How i've improved my amazon business

I'd love to hear your thoughts within the comment section!



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