UK Kunaki Service for CD/DVD replication

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UK Kunaki Service for CD/DVD replication
27 May 2009
Hi all

ive been looking around the forum but dont see what im after, is there a type service available in the UK, although i sell on the US Site using kunaki i want to be able to sell on the UK site

For those that are not aware i upload my cd's, dvd's to kunaki and after the sale the order is shipped to the buyer, its just i dont want the US fees on the UK setup.


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Re: UK Kunaki Service
1 Jun 2009
Hi James,

If you want to have a large batch of CDs or DVDs duplicated and sent to you there are several UK services to choose from, e.g.

But for on-demand single unit duplication Kunaki's prices are incredibly low - I don't think you will find anything to compete with it, probably anywhere in the world. If you are dropshipping single units, the shipping price isn't any higher for the UK than for the US - but will take longer of course.
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Re: UK Kunaki Service for CD/DVD replication
1 Jun 2009
Hey James,

I used to use Kunaki for awhile, but switched to and really happy with it.
I allowed to do international order because of their prices are lower than Kunaki (although, I like Kunaki's quality of CDs a little bit more).

The other advantage of is that they can put a custom label on each CD package so I can include a custom serial key or any other information personalized to that customer.

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