CCP - Great Investment For Online Retail

A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by MikeM
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CCP - Great Investment For Online Retail
6 Feb 2019
The team at Cloud Commerce Pro created a system that integrated our several different stores into one online central control centre (Amazon eBay etc. all included), linked up with our couriers (DHL and Royal Mail) and the capabilities to be linked to our suppliers too.

The time saving factor has been amazing since the switch on. Each store’s data being updated all at once instead of logging into every store individually, the option to have an electronic stock take of inventory auto-updating with every purchase. And yet we are still scratching the surface of the other uses CCP can offer our business further down the line.

Before CCP, our posting process was very manual. Handwritten customs on packages, ink stamps on all mail, with everything needing individually weighing. A process which you can imagine would take hours each day now slimmed down just simply bagging items now in minutes. Along side this we would be attaching up to 4 labels onto a package (CN22, Address, Airmail, Tracking). All of which are now incorporated in a simple 2 labels max using Royal Mail’s Intersoft software.

Stuart Walker and the shipping team have been been so helpful with the process, whenever we needed something adding to our data they would implicate it. Even the more complicated requests such as the changing the data on our mailing CN22 labels, headers on invoices etc. Stuart would sort it. Coming back very promptly after phone calls with the implicated changes and screen-shares to explain them in depth, the support from the staff at CCP has been outstanding and always happy to tackle any issue.

I ran the DHL side of the orders manually up and till now, the time saving aspect on this is so substantial with all shipping data being copied across automatically saving me up to 30 minutes of copy and paste into the shipping fields.

Would highly recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to any online businesses that are looking to expend/save time and automate more of their daily needs.
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