Amazon Case Study: I'm Running out of stock

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Amazon Case Study: I'm Running out of stock
8 Feb 2019
I have product that I launched last year. It did pretty well and started ranking on the first page after a couple months. I based the case study on the following steps:

  • Lower price
  • Setup follow-up email
  • Product giveaways ( while staying within Amazon TOS )
  • Early review program
  • GO HARD on PPC
  • Increase price
  • PROFIT?!?!

  • My Q4 results for the case study product were amazing but I did not pay enough attention to my stock! Right now I have 200 units left at the Amazon FBA warehouse. But I have sold 224 units in January. This means I will be running out of stock in less than 1 month!

    I have written a full post about how I got in this mess & and how I hope to avoid running out of stock on Amazon.

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