Multiple marketplaces & QuickBooks?

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Multiple marketplaces & QuickBooks?
9 Sep 2004
We are using Ebay's Sellers Asst Pro right now but want to branch out a little to a program that will manage multiple marketplaces. Plus, ebay's support for SAPro isn't the best of late. Integration with quickbooks would be a bonus. Would fit the bill?
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Re: Multiple marketplaces & QuickBooks?
10 Sep 2004
There is not much on the web about Mainstreet. They have been around for over a year now so the lack of links might mean they have not won a lot of customers. They do have a press releases page with client wins - , so you could get in touch with their existing customers for some feedback.

Zoovy also integrate with QuickBooks - see Intuit's listing of compatible software for more information - under eCommerce
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