What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experience

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What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experience
10 Jun 2009
Ok folks...I started out selling my moms old stuff in her attic, went on to garage sale & estate sale items and now we have grown to where we have 2 eBay sellers accounts and it is a full blown legitimate business for us and I now use nothing but paid tools to do our work for us now.

The Point in saying that is so you will understand I have been there!
We have have lots of experience and I have gone through quite a few tools, Vendio, Inkfrong, Sellersource book, Turbo Lister & more - the list goes on.

I outgrew Auctiva a long time ago for various reasons - some complicated some as simple as the fact as I wanted to build our own brand and got tired of my listings looking like all the other Auctiva listings out there.

Over the last few days I have been reading all over the place about the Auctiva announcement and all the uproar about all the questions about alternatives and I feel 100 and 10 percent qualified to tell you all this:

99% of you looking for a alternative will be 100% pleased with inkFrog and /or Sellersource book - they have been around much longer than auctiva and some could say auctiva got a lot of their ideas from those comapanies and others like them like Vendio.

Auctiva won the market over by being free. That was the ONLY thing they had on everyone else, and somethings were not as good as everyone else but hey - they were free.

I have found you kind of get what you pay for, most of the time Auctiva was a GREAT value but when they went down or were too slow or they got a virus on their servers....who were you gonna complain to? After all they were free!

That being said, either stay with them and pay the little bit of change they are asking you to pay because they are still a GREAT value for the money or if you are like me - I would feel disrespected by them right now.

When my businesss sort of depends on you and you out of the blue announce huge changes but with VERY short notice its insulting and makes me feel like you dont give a **** about me - even the big boss man eBay doesnt do that to us - they usually give you months to prepare....

Soooo... I would understand why you might still want to change from them...

NOW for my advise - Inkfrog - has just as many features if not more-they have been around for ever (longer than auctiva) and is on top of their support AND they are cheap. Like 10 bucks a month.
Same with the Seller Source Book.
You cant go wrong with how cheap they are, how fast they answer support tickets and they have had listers & templates & auction mgmt tools for years before anyone ever even HEARD of Auctiva.

I want to help folks realize they should check with the vendor of the software you are considering for your specific needs but as far as reputable company you can TRUST with your eBay stuff (like software that works, good support and folks that VALUE you as a customer - you cant go wrong with Inkfrog, and or Sellersource Book - at the moment they are all I can remember) and Vendio is good too but they charge a little more BUT they have a phone number you can actually call and talk to a live person so thats cool(or at least they used to)

Right now we use eBay Blackthorne but for most Auctiva users its more than you need and it has a pretty big learning curve (if you go from Auctiva to Inkfrog or Sellersource Book you will be listing in a few minutes and pretty much fluent in a few days - it took me days just to get Balckthorne setup how I wanted it (to be fair some of that was due to the customization of the templates I made - like I said before I wanted to create out own branding) and its more than most sellers need, plus its a little slow doing post auction stuff.

I hope this helps someone...I have other exerience with other tools too or if you have questions post'em and I will respond - I really am trying to help my fellow ebay sellers as well as being loyal to companies/ tools that I found useful in the past.
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Re: What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experie
12 Jun 2009
Thank you for an unbiased assessment. I share some of your sentiments. I went to try Vendio with the enticing terms offered to Auctiva users and actually read the fine print. They never adjusted their contract to reflect the incentives.

I just downloaded Auction Splash and the plug in for Firefox and its nowhere to be found (and I do have lots of software experience).

Per your suggeestions I am going to try inkFrog and SSB.

Thx again for organizing your thoughts and experiences.
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Re: What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experie
12 Jun 2009
Thanks for the post - if your coming over from Auctiva either one should impress you.

I used Vendio when they were combining with Andale and there were some growing pains at that time - that's why I left out my comments regarding ,my experience with Vendio - They were going through a merger, a few things happened so I canceled-one would assume they are better now so I didnt thing it was fair to comment on them.

Im sure inkFrog ans SSB have just gotten better as well..

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Re: What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experie
18 Aug 2009
Thanks. we all had similiar experience, thanks for your comments. we just started using SSB, and like it - definately a learning curve, but worth it. also will try inkFrog. Still looking for message response type software for responding to questions/comments. we also use auctiontracking for accounting
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Re: What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experie
24 Aug 2009
Thanks cranger7, that will be a great help to people.

If you could post reviews of any of the tools you have used it would be much appreciated. Here are the links: Vendio Platform, inkFrog, The Seller Sourcebook, Turbo Lister, Auctiva.
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Re: What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experie
31 Dec 2009
Thank you for this! I'm not sure if you're still reading this thread since its been a while.

Its great to hear your success and it really helps that you share your experiences because I'm actually going through about the same thing right now. I wish more people had more posts like this. I will check out your recommendations.

Could you tell me more about the differences between inkFrog and sellersource book? like advantages and disadvantages? That way I can try and distinguish which one i should use.

Appreciate any help!
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Re: What to do about Auctiva? Inkfrog? Sourcebook?My Experie
14 Jan 2010
Started out with Vendio. Really expensive and when I called to ask why my bill went from $20 (150mb) to something like $40 and they charged me $7/ea for every call to Tech Support. Vendio is owned by eBay and treats their customers even worse than Ebay does.

Signed up at Image Viper. Inexpensive but they have this Rate This Picture insert on all photos which makes listings links look cheesy.

Signed up at inkFrog. Long on promises, short on delivering. Advertise $9.95 a month/monthly billing through Paypal. Didn't work (I think they make sure it doesn't work because they know people will bail out once they find out how badly they suck). Greg Sisung (President) said "Strange, I noticed PayPal has been doing this lately. Have you tried contacting them to see if they can get it setup for you? Do you have another browser you can try maybe (or another computer?) - i wonder if it's a browser issue." I called Paypal they said it was a Inkfrog issue. When I emailed Greg again he said "...unfortunately we have no contacts with PayPal to get any of this stuff resolved :-("This is NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Anyone with an account can call Paypal Support for free. I even provided him with Merchant Account (and regular account) contact information. So I ended up having to sign up for 3 months. BIG MISTAKE.
Their Tech Support is pretty much non-existant and once you sign up they string you along with excuses. Their uploader doesn't work and software is Apha or at best Beta. Don't fall for their hype.

Finally signed up at Seller Source Book. They seem to be the best. Not perfect but close enough. I will be using a combo of Image Viper and Seller Source Book. It's still cheaper paying for both than using Vendio. I'll cancel Inkfrog shortly.

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