New seller looking for advise on first FBA listing

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New seller looking for advise on first FBA listing
14 Feb 2019

I recently suffered from a traffic accident which let me temporarily disabled (probably for an entire year) and resulted in loosing my job as a manufacturing data analyst which was my only source of income. This situation got me to start searching for new ways to generate income through an online business. The search led me to Amazon FBA.

I have been doing research for about 1-2 weeks and have several questions, for those experienced FBA seller, on the product research fase of the business. My current budget for my first product listing is around $1,500. This budget includes product research software fees, amazon entry fees, marketing, inventory, etc.

What are the most recommended product research and keyword tools at entry level?

Are there any research technics you can share to use with the recommended tools?

What are some indicators on a good product to start with?

Are there any product categories I should focus on due to lower entry barriers, high demand, or low competition?

Is it recommended to create a private label on my first product to improve an existing product with good sales and bad reviews? Or, try to beat the competition on a generic product by improving the quality of a poorly marketed listing?

Should I look to other markets beside USA?

Please feel free to add any comments or advise related to a good product research and entry to the business. I expect to breakeven and if possible earn around 20-50% profit on this first investment. I understand that the first product launch will be a great learning experience for further deals.

Appreciate the help,

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Re: New seller looking for advise on first FBA listing
22 Feb 2019
Hey there, @Yizus AMZ - I'm sorry to learn of your accident; how tragic. It's good to see you're well and (super extra kudos to you for) taking this leap into eCommerce and researching how to go about it the right way!!!

There's lots of schools of thought on how to do this, so we approach it from the perspective of being proactive about compliance with Amazon policies to avoid costly pitfalls.

As a team of former Amazonian's, we help new and established Amazon sellers to launch and sell profitably on Amazon by implementing optimized marketing strategies, and launching new products, in compliance with Amazon policies in order to grow their business predictably and consistently...the way we know sets you up for sustainable and scale-able success.

If you're just looking for some free TRUSTWORTHY resources, I welcome you to join us-



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Wishing you the absolute best of luck on this new adventure! Happy to hop on a call if you'd like to chat further about our offerings and services:
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Re: New seller looking for advise on first FBA listing
29 Mar 2019
@Yizus AMZ

Hi there,

If you are new for Amazon, I advise you to subscribe to newsletter to stay updated.
FBA Monthly is a newsletter for Amazon sellers issuing a comprehensive overview of FBA news every two weeks.

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