Big promises and nothing to show for it

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Big promises and nothing to show for it
19 Feb 2019
They contacted our Amazon FBA business through an email, indirect, solely to tell us about the great PPC strategies they have ready for us. 4 tiers of PPC approach, we decided to try it out.

They said it will take at least 2 to 3 months to show results. They didn't do anything for us in 4 months.

$3000 spent, no reaction to our questions during that time. They took no responsibility for their lack of added value to our PPC and business. Shame.

We were really hoping they know their business, but it turned out to be a shady business of some sort. Also, employees fluctuating in and out of their company, we have been handed over 4 people in 4 months, so it was very diffucult to keep a stream of communication in this way.

At the end, we wrote them a comprehensive email of our main concerns and reasons for quitting the service, expected at least some kind of reply, got none. For the kind money we spent with them nobody even cares to respond back? I guess all they needed was being paid quickly and move on, which left us with a rather bitter taste in our mouths.
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