Great software and multi language support

A review of Feedback Express by johnkboyle1970
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Great software and multi language support
22 Feb 2019
What was good about this product or service overall?
I've only been using it for 2 months at the moment but the setup was super easy (probably the easiest setup I've done for online software actually). I love the fact that they have templates in all the major languages so I'm able to ask for feedback on my German, Spanish and Italian Amazon sales as well as my Uk sales. I can even translate the feedbacks I get into English to see what European buyers are saying about my service.

Could anything have been better?
I would really love it if I could auto-insert a product image and a shorter product name as I've read that that can help more people respond, but Feedback Express have told me this feature is coming in the next month or two so I'm stoked about that. I think product review tracking is coming too but not 100% sure.

How was the support?
Honestly, their support is amazing. Marie is so kind and helpful and gladly checked over my campaigns and even my Amazon store and products to make sure I was sending the right type of emails. I love the fact that she's really honest about the fact that getting more feedback takes time, but that she's willing to help me along the way.

Great service. Great company. If you don't end up using Feedback Express you'll learn a ton about how to ask for more seller feedback and product reviews during their generous 30 day trial.
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