Automatically notify your buyers of any delivery update

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Automatically notify your buyers of any delivery update
24 Feb 2019
Now, you can send out automatic shipping notifications to all your eBay buyers, which can drastically improve your customer service.

Not only will your business feel professional, but it'll also be reliable. That is the message you will essentially be sending out with each update notification.

To help you build trust with your customers, 3Dsellers created a solution to notify your buyers about any changes regarding their order delivery.

For example, if the system sees that a package is held in customs, it will instantly send a notification to the buyer and you can begin a conversation to resolve the issue.

Buyers love it when they're communicated to and you will create a high-level engagement with your customers, based on information that’s valuable to them.

Here's what you get when you start using 3Dsellers Shipping Tracker:
  • A shipping overview dashboard
  • 8 message templates to relative triggers (fully customizable, personalized, and with an option to create your own)
  • A selection of seller alerts
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • Blacklisting option

  • Engage with your customers with zero time investment! Build relationships with your buyers based on trust and create return business opportunities! Automate your eBay business with 3Dsellers!

    You can give it a go with a 7 day free trial. In that time alone, you will drastically improve your feedback, customer communication (with CRM, ThankYou Emails and more) and build a reliable brand for your business. Then, you can choose to continue using the platform or not!