Excellent product, even better customer service.

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Excellent product, even better customer service.
28 Feb 2019
Most Amazon services do similar things, but when something goes wrong the help is nowhere to be found (and something always goes wrong, with any software sooner or later).
That's not the case with MBS. The help is SWIFT and THOROUGH! In fact, I've never had customer service this good, even from non-ecommerce companies.
They have literally saved me money by being so on top of fixes. I have bled money elsewhere waiting painfully for a response to an issue for days that directly affected my bottom line.
So needless to say, they have a customer for ss long as I have an Amazon store.
Cheers, guys.

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Re: Excellent product, even better customer service.
1 Mar 2019
Thank you!

We're so happy to hear, and thank you for taking the time to acknowledge our team. We truly do look at our customer relationships as a joint venture, which means your success is very important to us.

Thanks again for the kind words. We're glad to have you with us.

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