Complete ****, don't waste your time.

A review of Trendosaur by davidcole
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Complete ****, don't waste your time.
6 Mar 2019
BUYER BEWARE!!! I was curious and it was only 9 dollars so I asked them first if they offered legitimate suppliers and not aliexpress links, they said yes they did. So I purchased a one time offer and sure enough they are all from Alibaba and with affiliate links. Complete ****. Can't believe you guys have them listed on here. You should really vet who pays you to be on here. This will be my last visit to Not really sure why it would take at least 500 characters to state how much of a **** this site is.
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Re: Complete ****, don't waste your time.
6 Mar 2019
Trendosaur is a legitimate business. Clearly you have had a negative experience with them and you are welcome to share that here, but that does not mean they are not a genuine business.

We only want reviews from people who have actually used a product or service, and if someone doesn't have 500 characters (about 90 words) to say then it is unlikely that their review will be of any value to other readers. That's why we have the minimum.

Our directory is not a list of recommendations. We leave that to reviewers like you, so thank you for taking the time to give your opinion.
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