Ends up in a black hole

A review of UPS Mail Innovations by KDD21
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Ends up in a black hole
7 Mar 2019
The problem with UPS "Mail Innovations" is it's only innovative from the standpoint of its cost to UPS. It may drop the price for the shipping customer, but all this at the cost of the delivery customer who ends up with little information on what planet the package is on. What will happen is, when UPS hands the package off to USPS, USPS likely won't scan it at that point, because they'll often skip that step if they can-- at which point you've got no further information on it until it arrives somewhere where a parcel scan is necessary, likely only once it's delivered. So from the time UPS hands it off until it arrives (IF it does), it goes into a black hole. And in California, it appears that innovations packages will go to UPS in San Leandro, who will then transport them to Eureka, CA to hand it off to USPS, and Eureka is in the far north corner of the state, a couple of hundred miles north of San Leandro, which could easily be further away from the target address. USPS is then expected to take it from there-- at which point you can only hope it'll arrive and have no indication of when or where it is in the system. And then, who blames who if it doesn't arrive? Sellers that choose to use this method will then end up with a lot of negative reviews due to long delays or missing packages. Is it really worth it?
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