Immediate Payment & Info Software

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Immediate Payment & Info Software
7 Jul 2009
HI Does any one know of software that will take immediate payment, address details and any specific delivery instructions from customers as soon as they purchase via an eBay store? i.e. after they commit to buy

Currently we have to employ someone to collect the order details, delivery instructions, payment (at times), and send out delivery instructions. She has to do this via paypal, email etc and can be time consuming.

Does any one know of such software?
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Re: Immediate Payment & Info Software
13 Jul 2009
Hi neenan1,

The only way to ensure immediate payment (for Buy It Now only) is to use eBay's immediate payment feature. This cannot be used with third-party checkouts (which are falling out of favor anyway) because the transaction must be completed on eBay.

A good marketplace management or order management solution should help with the collection of order details etc.

Hope that helps!

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