Not what you think, be leery.

A review of BULQ by scancomp
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Not what you think, be leery.
11 Mar 2019
The positive: their customer service is good, and shipping is fast.
Besides the negatives that people always complain about" product condition or missing from manifest," there's a bigger issue in my eyes.
If you order a case or pallet, immediately start
Watching BULQ unboxing vids on YouTube, notice something? They get Alot of the same products you received. Regardless of "type" of merchandise. Now if you're reselling, you will have many many people selling that same item. I.e. I received a home alone board game, no sellers on Amazon. In one week, there is now 26 sellers.
Now go to bulqs eBay store..why don't I ever get those more expensive items in my pallets? Hmm..
This company obviously cherry picks, and charges you premium prices for the scraps.
Go elsewhere, this company is not what they portray.
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